“landscape.” Entropy. Forthcoming.
“Allegory.” Entropy. Forthcoming.
“Diving In.” Artifact. Forthcoming.
“Meeting Your Reflection on an Elevator in D.C.” Crab Fat Magazine. Forthcoming February 2019.
“To whom do I confess evolution?” Honey & Lime. Forthcoming February 2019.
“Divine.” Honey & Lime. Forthcoming February 2019.
“Thoughts on the Kavanaugh Hearings, Parts II/III/VII/VIII.” FIVE : 2 : ONE. Forthcoming January 2019.
“inheritance.” Three Drops in a Cauldron. Forthcoming December 2018.
“Beach.” SWWIM Every Day. November 2018. [read]
“Election Day 2018, Part II.” Glass: A Journal of PoetryPoets Resist series. November 2018. [read]
“Certain as the Sun.” Thimble Literary Magazine. June 2018. [read]
“Death Ray.” Thimble Literary Magazine. June 2018. [read]
“Eden Alive.” Thimble Literary Magazine. June 2018. [read]
“forum.” Mad Swirl. 2017. Online. [read the poem]
“Taunt.” The Mayo Review. 2010. Print.
“Reflection.” The Mayo Review. 2009. Print.
“Dreamers.” The Mayo Review. 2009. Online.
“Awake.” The Mayo Review. 2008. Print.

Flash Fiction

“Snapdragon Reverie.” Atticus Review. 2012. [read the piece]
“Maritime Savior.” The Rusty Nail Magazine. 2012.
“My Life (and Death) as a Mermaid.” The Mayo Review. 2010. Online.


“forum.” The Best of Mad Swirl: 2017. June 2018. Print. [buy]

“A Guide for the Visitors of Solovetsky Monastery.” The Common Language Project, hosted by The Writer’s Garret. Chosen as a top 10 winner and featured performer at the launch of the anthology. 2018. Digital. [free pdf]

Flash/Short Fiction
“The Shape of the Spine.” Co-written with Michelle Tvete. Horror Novel Reviews Presents: One Hellacious Halloween Volume 1. HNR Publishing. 2013. eBook. [buy the ebook]


“4 Ways PNMsoft Sequence™ is like a Football Midfielder.” Ghostwritten for The Marketing Zen Group, for the blog of TGO Consulting. Credited to “George Braun.” August 2015. Web. [read the article]

“Time for Big Data.” EpiServer Engage Magazine. Ed. Chad Henderson. September 2013. pp. 6-10. Print. [read the article; begins page six]

“Sponsorship: Is it Really Only To Gain Advantage?” Literacies In Context, 2nd edition. Ed. Shannon Carter. Fountainhead Press: December 2007. Print.


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