004. of flames and good intentions

it’s the twelfth of november, the day after u.s. veteran’s day and the 100th anniversary of armistice day. i’m excused from work today and had grand plans to catch up on my nanowrimo novel and submit some poetry over the long weekend. but all i can seem to do is sleep intermittently in my grandfather’s old recliner.

the temperatures have dropped in the last week. we have found ourselves in need of heat, which doesn’t happen often in this part of the u.s. last year, we had an almost autumn and no winter to speak of. this year it seems winter is coming early and might overstay its welcome.


as much as i live for distinct seasons, especially the colder months, this sudden cold has wreaked havoc on my joints and inspired inflammation in my extremities. and again i am left asking if this is all just fibro, or if something else is at play.

in times like this, i miss the dry cold of northwestern new mexico. the way it let me be without stoking my body to flame.

i am currently bundled up in a duvet, fleece blanket and electric blanket set to the warmest setting. wood crackles into ember in the nearby fireplace. my cat purrs at my feet, slowly taking up more space on the foot rest so I have to curl my legs into my belly or let them hang in the uncovered space between the chair and ottoman.


maybe, if i extract myself from this comfortable space, i’ll be able to salvage these extra hours of downtime into something productive. or i can stay in this soft, warm chair and nap until bedtime. choices, choices…


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